Ground source heat pump + roof radiant heating and cooling
Advantages of the system

Buried pipe system can be more flexible in the choice of end forms, in addition to fan coil, air conditioning boxes, etc., which can also use the ceiling radiant heating and cooling.
Advantages of the system: quiet and comfortable, energy efficient, small footprint.
Summer: cold water is circulated in the pipes in the ceiling (water temperature approx. 18°C), which absorbs the excess heat from the room through the ceiling and keeps the room cool.
Winter: hot water circulates in the pipes in the ceiling (water temperature approx. 28°C) for heating purposes.

Project example
Shanghai Pujiang Smart Valley
Building area: 15,000 Building area: 12,000
Function: Office building
Total cooling/heating load: 490kW/290kW
Running time: September 06
System form: Ground source heat pump + ceiling radiation
Unit type: water-water ground source heat pump unit MWH series, air processor MPA series