Creating value for our customers
Service Concept
The aim of Mammoth's customer service system is to "create value for our customers", Mammoth will be more professional service team, timely and comprehensive attention to each customer's service needs, to create valuable and fast service for customers.
Pre-sales Consulting

We will assist our customers in planning their projects and analyzing their system requirements so that Mammoth products can meet the needs of the customer and at the same time make their investment more economically efficient.

Expert Forecasting

To ensure safe, stable, healthy and energy-efficient operation of air conditioning equipment, Mammoth China Services offers a full range of expert forecasting services, including vibration testing, eddy current flaw detection, infrared thermography, energy efficiency diagnostics and remote monitoring to identify and eliminate potential problems in a timely manner.

Solution Development

Bringing together survey information from all parties to develop a reasonable and optimized solution to provide customers with a total solution for energy efficient air conditioning and advanced equipment to create a valuable and quick service for our customers.

Service Commitment

Depending on the needs of the project site to arrange for a person to be stationed, according to the site work requirements to develop commissioning, service programs and implementation, on-site service reports within half an hour response. Conduct statistical summaries on on-site equipment, draw up product parts lists, and set up a warehouse of commonly used parts at the project site if necessary to ensure timely supply of maintenance parts.

Fast And Professional After-sales Service
  • The national after-sales service centre for Mammoth products is located at Mammoth's headquarters in Shanghai, China. The after-sales service centre has eight managers, including the national after-sales service director, and a number of service supervisors and technical support staff with comprehensive technology and thoughtful service; the total number of full-time management and service personnel in each region of the country is 230.
  • National repair service hotline:400-820-1700
  • After-sales service centre fax: 021-60139770
  • Expert technical support hotline: 400-826-0785
  • Service supervision and complaint hotline: 0572-5037555
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