Fan Coil Unit
Fan Coil Unit

Standard fan coil unit:
Lightweight appearance: the overall appearance is light and beautiful, compact and sturdy structure.
Quiet operation: low noise fan with wide impeller and low speed galvanized steel plate, reducing the noise of the unit.
High safety: the condensate tray is molded in a single press without welding seams or joints, no hidden danger of water leakage.
Excellent performance: the heat exchanger adopts high purity purple copper tubes and hydrophilic aluminium fins, which are tightly integrated without gaps by advanced up-tube technology, ensuring minimum contact heat resistance and high efficiency of heat transfer.

Highly efficient operation: plastic cross-flow airfoil, light weight, low resistance, optimized 3D design, high efficiency.
Low noise: the fan section is separated from the surface cooling section and the fan section is kept away from noise sensitive areas.
Simple installation: the split design reduces the size of the unit and makes installation easier.
Easy maintenance: the fan section and the surface cooling section can be easily cleaned and removed from the ceiling separately for maintenance.
Wide range of speed regulation: step-less variable speed is used in a wide range of voltages to keep the speed stable. Energy saving and high
efficiency: significantly improves the operating efficiency of fan coil units and reduces operating costs.
Low vibration,
low noise: The sinusoidal PWM controlled drive method reduces motor vibration and electromagnetic noise.
• BS panel, beautiful and generous
• Synthetic filter removable and easy to clean
• The whole unit adopts high-density acoustic and thermal insulation foam inside, smooth running and low noise.
• Self-contained condensate drainage pump with level switch for safe and reliable drainage
• Unique double curved window fins and forked row of heat exchanger copper tubes, fully strengthen the airflow disturbance, high heat transfer efficiency
• Streamlined shape, no angular design, beautiful and generous
• Motor is B class induction motor, built-in temperature rise protector, safe and reliable
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