Air-cooled screw heat pump
Air-cooled screw heat pump

The Icool series air-cooled screw heat pump is a new energy-saving product from Mammoth. The spray cooled compressor rotor and other technologies are characterized by stable and reliable operation, easy maintenance and rich configuration. They can be used in a wide range of air conditioning systems for comfort air conditioning, heat pump and heat recovery applications.

High efficiency
The high-efficiency screw compressor for heat pumps adopts advanced tooth design and high-precision machining process; the water-side heat exchanger adopts falling film heat exchanger, dripping liquid type Sprayfilm technology, which cooperates with high-efficiency heat exchanger tube; it has built-in two-stage refrigerant distributor to make the refrigerant distribution more even. It can be used not only as an evaporator, but also as a condenser; it has a built-in oil return device. The electronic expansion valve is more accurate and responsive, and its refrigerant supply can be precisely adjusted. It is equipped with a refrigerant sub-cooling function and its sub-cooling tube during cooling has a preventive effect against freezing during heating.

Easy to maintain
New touch screen control, graphic menu management, intelligent control mode, easy to operate.

Extensive configuration
Basic options for the unit include cooling, heating and heat recovery. Remote control via Modbus connection to Building Automation System (BAS), which also includes options for rubber dampers, split transport, high humidity insulation and on-site witness testing.

Attractive shape
Integrated base for easy compressor removal. Frame construction for strength.

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