Air cooled heat pump modular chiller
Air cooled heat pump modular chiller
Air cooled heat pump modular chiller with its advantages of high efficiency, low noise, easy operation, safe operation, easy installation and maintenance, etc., widely used in factories, stations, hotels, hotels, villas, office buildings, high-grade residential and other places, which can also be used for industrial cooling.

The units are modular in design and can be combined with multiple units according to the customer's needs. At the same time, the units are flexible and can be equipped with different sizes and types of fan coils or air processors.

High efficiency and energy saving
High efficiency compressor with optimized design, radially flexible and axially flexible design. It can automatically adjust the operating energy level of the unit according to the capacity of the room air conditioner, and has a high energy efficiency ratio, effectively saving electricity.

Reliable operation
The fan is designed with "bent and twisted blades", which increases the air supply capacity and improves the efficiency of the fan with the energy-saving motor. Intelligent defrosting technology with real-time adjustment and environmental adaptive defrosting for thorough defrosting.

Convenient operation
New LCD display, menu-based management, convenient and simple operation.

Beautiful appearance
The outer frame of the unit is triple protected by galvanizing, phosphating and spraying, beautiful and simple, with excellent anti-corrosion performance.

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