Air source heat pump
Air source heat pump
Small air-cooled heat pump unit moves the central air-conditioning system of large buildings to the home, as well as works with fan coil and other air processor groups. The unit is used in conjunction with fan coils and other air processors, and the indoor temperature control system is independent, meeting the different temperature requirements of each room at the same time. The units are widely used in villas, high-class flats, offices and hotels because of their high efficiency, low noise, compactness, ease of operation, safety of operation and ease of installation and maintenance.

The cooling capacity ranges from 10KW to 38KW and the heating capacity from 10.5KW to 40KW, with separate fluorine and water system, measured air outlet, top air outlet and duct type, covering a wide range of energy and can be tailored according to customer requirements.

The units adopt the leading microcomputer control technology, and accessories are selected from famous brands and tested strictly to ensure their reasonable match. The high-efficiency compressor not only has excellent performance but also has low noise; the high-efficiency heat exchanger ensures that the unit's capacity is given full play; the strictly matched air conditioning special fan, point motor, water pump and other components run smoothly with extremely low vibration and noise.

The unit mechanism is reasonably compact and does not require a special room for installation; it can be placed in front of the house or on the roof of the balcony. All refrigerant charging and piping connections and water flow settings are completed at the factory, and only the water interface is reserved for connection to the end equipment. The user only needs to connect the inlet and outlet pipes to turn on the unit with one key, which is extremely convenient. The water system of the unit is connected with standard tapered pipe threaded joints for easy disassembly and installation.
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