MCTT high efficiency centrifugal and magnetic levitation inverter centrifugal water chiller (Pioneer series)

Mammoth is proud to introduce the Pioneer series of high-efficiency water-water centrifugal chiller (heat pump) units, which adopt two-stage compression high-efficiency centrifugal compressor and falling film heat exchanger, and use the newly dual-core CPU and Chinese touch screen intelligent control system. The Pioneer series also uses the refrigerant R134a, with a maximum sample capacity of 2200 RT, which is energy efficient, stable and reliable, and easy to use and maintain.

●  Pioneer series products meet the energy efficiency requirements of energy-saving products.
●  Two-stage centrifugal compressor optimized for R134a refrigerant, with hydrodynamic impeller design and high isentropic efficiency.
●  Falling film heat exchanger for higher heat transfer efficiency and lower refrigerant charge for better environmental care.
●  Condenser with stratified inflow design, effectively reducing condensing temperature.
●  Variable frequency unit, further improving the efficiency of the unit under partial load.

The Mammoth Pioneer range of magnetic levitation inverter centrifugal water-cooled chillers includes three series, Q1, Q2 and Q3, in several configurations including vertical and horizontal, with cooling capacities ranging from 300kW (85RT) to 4925kW (1400RT). The units have the following features.

●  Magnetic levitation inverter centrifugal compressors
●  High combined part load energy efficiency (IPLV) and full load efficiency COP
●  Low noise and vibration
●  Small size and light weight
●  Oil-free lubrication solves the oil return problem of conventional chillers and greatly improves cooling capacity degradation.
●  PAC programmable automation controller
●  Low start-up current
●  Intelligent alarm and fault handling

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