Air Handling Unit
Air Handling Unit

Mammoth's new generation MAH combined air handling unit, the Aiolos series, is designed with an advanced anti-cold-bridge aluminium frame. The panel and frame are pressed together.

Modulo structure: the components are highly versatile and easy to customize.
Computerized selection: own professional software, combined with actual requirements, provides the best combination.
Efficient pre-heating: high quality insulation materials, special thermal insulation treatment at each connection.
Excellent performance: optimized design of circular double inlet centrifugal fans or scroll-less fans with low noise and high efficiency.
Intelligent control: various advanced control devices such as frequency converters can be used upon request to achieve fully intelligent and efficient operation of the unit.
Easy maintenance: removable door panel with hexagonal pressed latch, which is convenient for maintenance and meets the sealing requirements.

The product consists of a combination of various functional segments to achieve cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and purification of air, which is widely used in air conditioning projects in industrial and civil buildings such as machinery, electronics, medicine, shopping malls and stadiums.

Mammoth new generation MAH combination air processor structural features

• High strength aluminium alloy frame structure to ensure
• Aluminum alloy outer frame and inner frame are connected by PVC heat insulation strips;
• The panel is connected with the panel by pressure buckle, no screws. The air leakage rate of the unit is low.

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