Water Source Heat Pump
Water Source Heat Pump

The package/split type water source (groundwater condition, water loop condition, Geothermal condition) heat pump unit is powered by electricity and uses system circulating water, water drawn from wells, lakes, rivers, oceans or water circulating in buried coils, as the cooling (heat) source. After energy transfer between the indoor circulating air and the heat exchanger of the indoor unit, it is sent to the required air-conditioning room.

High efficiency and energy saving: high efficiency compressor and high quality accessories are used. Excellent performance, good operating conditions and high energy efficiency ratio.
Advanced control: intelligent interface and special central control box for intelligent and efficient operation of the whole system.
Flexible adjustment: flexible to meet the needs of different areas of the building, with cooling or heating adjustment at any time.
Convenient billing: independent metered billing, simple and fair billing.
Phased investment: water pipes can be reserved. Phased installation of equipment reduces initial investment.
System flexibility: integral, split, multi-trailer systems, in as many forms as required.

The products are widely used in villas, high-class flats, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls and other commercial and industrial buildings.

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