Industrial wastewater/sewage water source heat pump system
Advantages of the system

* Environmental protection: use of sewage as a source of heat and cold, energy conversion, reduction of CO2 and other atmospheric pollutant emissions, avoidance of cooling tower noise and mould pollution;
* Energy saving: temperature conditions of the heat and cold source are better than the ambient air, high operating efficiency;
* Capital saving: integration of heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water, enhanced economy;
* Stable: relatively stable water temperature conditions, with a much smaller fluctuation range than air temperature variations, making operation reliable and stable.
* Flexible: the unit is optional in various forms, and the decentralized water fan can be used for air conditioning, heating and four controls at the same time;
* Aesthetic: compared with air-cooled heat pump, there is no need for outdoor units to ensure the beauty of the building facade ;

Standard or code reference
"Renewable Energy Law of the People's Republic of China"
Article 24 The state treasury establishes special funds for the development of renewable energy, which are used to support scientific and technological research, standard development and demonstration projects for the development and utilization of renewable energy.
Suitable applications
Projects close to sewage treatment stations or with industrial waste water.
System principle

Discharges indoor heat into the sewage in summer;
Draws heat from the sewage to heat the room in winter.

Project example
Shanxi Fujia Coking Plant Office Building
Building area: 15,000 Floor area: 35,300
Function: Clubhouse/Office/Room
Total cooling/heating load: 3,142kW/3,770kW
System form: Water loop system with hot water coil (heat source 60~70℃)
Unit type: Single cooling water loop unit MSR series + hot water coil
Unit type: Separate water loop heat pump Unit MSR series