Screw Chillers (Heat Pumps)
Screw Chillers (Heat Pumps)

The Thunderbolt series of high efficiency inverter water screw heat pump units are the main products of Mammoth. The Thunderbolt series is equipped with the newly CMC800 Chinese touch screen intelligent control system. The units are available in a wide range of models and configurations to meet the needs of different customers. This series of units are energy efficient, stable and reliable, with a wide range of applications and simple maintenance. The Thunderbolt series can be used in comfort air conditioning, heat pumps, air conditioning + heat recovery and other applications where the heat recovery temperature can reach up to 65°C. This makes the Thunderbolt series widely used in a variety of energy-saving air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
●  The whole series can meet the energy efficiency requirements of energy saving products;
● Semi-hermetic screw compressors optimized for HFC-134a refrigerant for efficient and reliable operation under different operating conditions;
● Flooded type evaporator for higher heat transfer efficiency;
● Less refrigerant charge for better environmental care;
● Adopting system flow automatic matching control and exhaust super-heat control ensure system efficiency;
● Electronic expansion valve throttling control ensures variable operating efficiency.

Stable and reliable operation
●  High precision screw rotor machining (KAPP) for precise meshing and long operating life with few parts;
● A wide range of protection and limiting functions for stable, reliable and efficient operation, avoiding repeated start-ups and shutdowns;
● High oil return efficiency due to differential pressure and induced oil return;
● All units are rigorously tested before leaving the factory to guarantee their reliability.

Wide range of applications
●  It can be used in various air conditioning and refrigeration industries such as comfort air conditioners, heat pumps , etc., which also meet the requirements of heat recovery in the above-mentioned applications;
● It can be used in energy-saving air conditioning systems such as low temperature air supply, large temperature difference and small flow rate, variable flow rate of primary pumps, independent control of temperature and humidity;
● Adopting step-less add/remove adjustment by slide valve. Up to 12.5%~100% range of stepless energy adjustment;
● Condensing side heat exchanger discharge temperature range 18~65℃, evaporating side heat exchanger discharge temperature range 5~18℃.

Easy to use and maintain
●  New Chinese colour touch screen control, menu management, easy and simple operation;
● Fully automatic computer control, load adjustment and safety protection are all done by the computer,;
● Providing a variety of control functions, alarm messages and storage functions to keep the customer informed of the unit's operation;
● Specially designed for maintenance consideration, with automatic pump empty function, convenient for parts and system maintenance.

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