Water Loop Heat Pump System
Advantages of the system

* Energy saving: the temperature condition of the cooling and heating source is better than that of the ambient air, resulting in high operating efficiency;
* Cost saving: the trinity of heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water is integrated, enhancing economy;
* Stable: the water temperature condition is relatively stable, and the fluctuation range is much smaller than the change of air temperature, making the operation reliable and stable;
* Flexible: the unit is optional in various forms, and the decentralized water fan can simultaneously air condition, heat and achieve the effect of four controls;
* Land saving: no machine room required, saving floor space;
* Aesthetic: Compared with air-cooled heat pump, there is no need for outdoor units to ensure the beauty of the building facade ;

Standard or code reference
"Renewable Energy Law of the People's Republic of China"
GB50189-2005,P.15,5.3.11 "For buildings such as offices and commercial buildings with large internal areas and a large amount of stable waste heat all year round, water loop heat pump air conditioning systems are appropriate."
Suitable applications
All regions, all types of buildings requiring zonal control.
System principle

When the system water temperature is between 10°C and 37°C, the cooling tower starts when the system water temperature exceeds 37°C. When the system water temperature drops below 10°C, the auxiliary heater can start to make up for it.

Project example
Nanjing International Mall Phase I
Building area: 15,000
Building area: 220,000
Function: Shopping mall/office/apartment/hotel
Total cooling/heating load: 24,600kW/11,800kW
Installation date: January, 2005
System form: water loop heat pump system
Unit type: integral/separate water loop heat pump unit MSR Series
Open Bank International Building
Building area: 15,000 GFA: 220,000 GFA: 54,680
Function: Mixed-use office building, 26 storeys
Total cooling/heating load: 6,646kW/4,000kW
In operation: December, 2005
System type: water loop heat pump system
Unit type: small integral/separate Water loop heat pump unit MSR series
Representative projects
Shanghai Zhangjiang Sports and Leisure Centre, Shanghai Idujin Department Store Commercial Building, Beijing Century Economic and Trade Building, Zhejiang Shaoxing Langqiao Garden Hotel, Chongqing International Business Centre, Beijing Time International Apartment, Jiangsu Dafeng New Word Hotel, Beijing Foreign Ministry International School, Suzhou Greenbelt Plaza Phase I.