Energy saving, green and efficient
Sustainable Development
Mammoth, as a global leader in the HVAC field, especially in water/ground source heat pump technology, has been committed to developing new technologies and products in the field of air conditioning energy saving and environmental protection, leading the development of the green air conditioning industry. Mammoth goes beyond the traditional air conditioning manufacturing and sales concept, incorporating customer needs into system planning and providing customers with total solutions for air conditioning systems. In the future, Mammoth will continue to uphold the operating concept of "energy saving and environmental protection, green and efficient", continuously upgrade green energy saving and strengthen environmental quality management.
Rational Exploitation
Utilize Energy
Energy-Saving Building
Environmental Protection
Improve Social And Economic Benefits
Energy Saving Technology
Energy shortage and environmental pollution have become two major global crises that seriously threaten human production and development. In the context of the Chinese government's promotion of renewable energy, Mammoth's entry into the Chinese market as a leader in water and ground source heat pumps has received the full support of commercial offices, embassies and consulates around the world, and a series of promotional activities are being carried out in China together with Mammoth. Mammoth has been working with the Chinese government to promote the use of water and ground source heat pump technology to promote the international policy of "energy saving and emission reduction".
Green Energy Life
We provide advanced technology and services for water and ground source heat pumps to return peace, harmony, green and beauty to nature. As a corporate citizen with a high sense of social responsibility, we operate under the concept of "energy conservation, environmental protection and green efficiency", and create a spatial pattern and industrial structure that conserves resources and protects the environment by continuously promoting a green, low-carbon and circular development model.
Environmental Management System
Mammoth's Environmental Management Policy is a multi-faceted approach that provides the right framework and direction for guiding and implementing Mammoth's environmental management efforts, as well as a framework for establishing and reviewing the organization. Mammoth has always placed environmental issues at the forefront of its corporate strategy and is committed to developing safe and environmentally friendly "green" products to meet the needs of society and consumers. While the company provides high quality products and services to its customers, it is committed to protecting the natural environment and achieving sustainable development in an effort to be an environmentally friendly company.