Xiong'an Country Park Xiong'an Park Construction Project and Supporting Facilities Project
Source: Mammothchina Release time:2023-01-02

Project overview:

Xiong'an Country Park is located in the north of Xiong'an New Area, and the main hall of Xiong'an Park is located at the entrance of the eastern exhibition park. It is an earth-covered building with one floor underground and three floors above the ground, with a building area of about 53000 square meters. It integrates exhibition, hotel rooms and commercial shopping. It will provide comprehensive supporting services for tourists and focus on demonstrating the construction achievements of Xiong'an New Area in implementing the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing.

Site machine room layout:

The project adopts the energy-saving and ground-source heat pump central air-conditioning system, and the main unit adopts the Mammoth Hero series ground-source heat pump screw unit. The total cooling load of the air-conditioning system is about 5000KW, and the models of the air-conditioning main units are MCRH016, MCRH0220, and MCRH0350.

Main features of Mammoth and Italian hero series products:

L The compressor and spray film heat exchanger , which is energy-saving,  high energy efficiency;

L The unit has a full range of models and specifications, and there are many optional configurations for users to select to meet the needs of different users;

L Wide range of applications, suitable for comfort air conditioners, heat pumps (water outlet temperature up to 65 ℃), and ice storage (water outlet temperature can be as low as - 12 ℃).