Mammoth centrifuge serves key government projects in Henan
Source: Mammothchina Release time:2019-07-19
A few days ago, the good news of Mammoth Air-conditioner on the refrigeration and heating projects in Henan was frequently heard. We successfully won the bid in the bidding for the Delixi Plant Project in Puyang, Henan Province. We have been recognized and favored by Party A with product solutions, product performance and service level, and provide efficient centrifugal water chillers (Pathfinder Series) for this project.

Delixi Factory Project is the production base of Delixi Electric Appliances in the middle of China, with a building area of 160000 square meters. It is a key demolition and construction project of Puyang County Government. Mammoth has equipped 2 sets of high-efficiency centrifugal chiller Pathfinder series for the project, with a total cooling capacity of nearly 15000kW.

Mammoth high-efficiency centrifugal water chiller (Pathfinder series) uses two-stage compression high-efficiency centrifugal compressor and spray film heat exchanger, uses newly dual-core CPU, Chinese touch screen intelligent control system, and uses refrigerant R134a, with a single cooling capacity range of 500~2800RT. It is characterized by protection, high efficiency and energy saving, stable and reliable operation, simple use and maintenance, and convenient installation. It can be widely used in central air-conditioning system and large and medium-sized industrial refrigeration, such as centralized cooling and heating in hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, residential areas, and other commercial and industrial buildings.

The successful "hand in hand" of Mammoth Air-conditioner and Delixi Factory Project adds another engineering case for Mammoth in Henan market, and also makes Mammoth's brand influence in Henan market further. It is believed that Mammoth will continue to invest in the project market in the future and strive to establish excellent projects in more regions.