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The after service policy and procedure of Meiyi products are those that are being executed globally by Meiyi. As the only designated sales agency and service entity of sales and maintenance for Meiyi products in China, Meiyi shall be solely responsible for carrying out this policy and procedure and implement carefully in accordance with “ Law of the People's Republic of China on Product Quality” and “Law of the People's Republic of China on Economic Contracts”. “Meiyi” and “Meiyi Company” referred in the following text are replaced and executed by “Meiyi”.

1. After-sales service tenet
The service tenet of Meiyi is “professional, normative, team-working, effective”, which is to provide various specifications and professional services promised by Meiyi with the best efficiency in the shortest time and to satisfy you.

2. After-sales service commitment
Depending on requirements of the project site, special persons should be arranged to station and should formulate and debug the service scheme and implement according to working requirements of the site, and the site service repairs must be guaranteed to be responded within half an hour. They shall make statistic summary of the site equipment, prepare the list of product parts and set up a frequently-used parts storehouse at the project site if necessary, so as to guarantee the timely supply of maintenance parts.

The national after service center of Meiyi product is located at the production, research and development base in Anji, Zhejiang, it has 8 managers such as national after service directors etc., and many versatile service supervisors and technology support personnel with cordial service; and full time management and service personnel in each region of the country add up to 230. The after service information center established in Anji, Zhejiang accepts the product repairs and complaints nationwide:  
Mammoth national free service hotline: 800 -857-3786 (0572-5038628)
After-sales Centre Fax: 0572-5039177
Technical Support Hotline: 400 -8260-785 (0572-5037555)
Service Support Hotline: 0572 -5321787
Service & Complaints Hotline: 0572 -5863727

1) All products of Meiyi provide 18 months of warranty since the delivery of the overall machine or 12 months of warranty since the commissioning acceptance of the product, and the first date shall prevail.
2) For project sales of the large water chilling unit (the screw water chilling unit, the module air cooling heat pump unit) and the water source heat pump unit, the after service center shall send person to the site to assist the installation company in the equipment and system commissioning;
3) For major engineering project, the after service center shall send person to the site for technical guidance in the equipment installation and commissioning phases according to the requirements of the user or the installation unit, and supervise the construction quality and assist the owner in project installation acceptance.
4) For faults resulted from the product quality under warranty, the company shall replace the parts and repair them to normal working condition free of charge.

5. Warranty disclaimers
The following conditions of the product are not covered in the warranty, but the company may provide favourable charge services for the user:
1) Damages caused by improper use, maintenance, storage or transport of the user;
2) Damages caused by unstable local network voltage or power voltage supplied for the air conditioning product;
3) Damages caused by the user’s abnormal uses: such as poor installing and operating environment, self-change for circuit wiring or replacement of internal parts, etc.
4) No warranty certificate: the name, model, and number of the air conditioning product on the warranty certificate are inconsistent with those of the air conditioning product to be repaired, or are altered.
5) Damages caused by force majeure, natural disasters (rainstorm, earthquake etc.) or accidents;
6) Equipment damages caused by installation or system causes.

6. Extension after service after the warranty
In order to remove the owner’s worries about the products of our company after the warranty and to guarantee the product to operate normally, the after services of our company shall provide the owner with favourable maintenance and care services after the warranty according to the requirements of the owner, and shall sign a maintenance contract after the warranty providing the following services, the specific terms shall be subject to the maintenance contract after the warranty.
1) Equipment inspection: a free inspection shall be done once every two months during the using seasons of air conditioning, and detailed records shall be made in triplicate, one for the user and the other for the after service center for filing.
2) Equipment maintenance:  two free maintenance services shall be provided every year (for the first time of refrigeration and heating of each year).
The specific contents of the maintenance service cover:
● Circuit check: test the supply voltage; check and fasten the circuit joints, check if the operating voltage and current of the machine are within the rated range;
● Fluorine route system check: check the operating conditions of the compressor, test the high and low voltage pressure conditions of the freon passage; 
● Check if the condensation water pipe is smooth;
● Check if the machine operates quietly.
3) Equipment repair:
The servicemen of the company shall arrive on the site to solve the problem in the contracted time within the signed warranty period; the expenses of part purchase and labor shall be specified by both parties in the contract. 

7. Part supply and rejection
In order to guarantee the normal product repair, the after service center shall guarantee the supply for parts of the sold models within three years even if the product is updated, and shall provide the user favorable prices after the warranty.
A. Return report 
A written report shall be made for faulty parts with detailed reasons and shall be submitted to Meiyi to be dealt with in accordance with the procedure.
B. Rejection approval
The rejection shall be approved following the procedures below:
a. Brand new or unused parts----shall be approved by Meiyi in advance.
b. Overall machine----shall not be accepted without Meiyi’s approval during the after service period.
c. Parts damaged during the after service period----need not to be approved in advance.

8. Service supervision and complaint

● In order to ensure that the after service personnel at each level shall completely carry through the service tenet of Meiyi, Meiyi after service center shall track each repair item by calls;
● The user can complain to the after service center directly in case of unsatisfactory of product quality and after services, and the after service center shall solve your reasonable requirements sincerely and offer a satisfactory answer in the shortest time;
● In order to provide the user with satisfactory value-added services, the after service center shall set up a complete user archive database that shall be managed by the information department of the after service center. Each owner shall enjoy membership services, in the database there will be detailed records of the information of the machine used by the owner, including the model of the machine used by the owner, delivery number, each repair record, name of the serviceman, maintenance record, name of the maintainer, record of each main part replaced, etc.
National after service supervisory organization:
National after service center of Meiyi   Tel: 0572-5037555
                                                                     Fax: 0572-5039177
           Service & Complaints Hotline: 0572 -5863727


9. Description of after service plan
A. Service response
(1) After receiving the customer service call, the unit can be diagnosed, analyzed and maintained in 30 minutes if the customer has a remote monitoring.
(2) Upon receiving the customer’s notification, someone shall be sent to the site in 3 hours to take emergency measures to ensure the customer’s use.
(3) 24-hour emergency response.
B. A service engineer shall be designated to do tracking service.
C. Service range:
Installation guidance, startup running, establishment of unit running record archive, commissioning, maintenance, technical training, remote monitoring, lifetime service.
D. Installation guidance and commissioning
(1) Give guidance on swing, location, installation, and advise the customer to protect the equipment well upon the arrival of the equipment;
(2) After the start of installation, take charge of guidance on installation, of technical disclosure to the construction party, of commissioning of air-conditioner, and ensure the installation quality and the normal play of the equipment.
(3) In case the commissioning is qualified, train the operators of the unit free of charge, so as to ensure that the user may operate the unit independently and do easy maintenance and care.
G. Service guarantee
(1) Charge the parts at cost after the warranty;
(2) The maintenance agreement shall be executed at 90% favourable price after the warranty;
(3) Professional team: electrical engineer, air-condition running engineer, air-condition system engineer, professional refrigeration engineer, professional control engineer, professional water treatment engineer.
H. Service standards
(1) Execute the customer service plan
(2) Execute the customer service standard operation procedures policies (SOPP)
(3) Uniform service CI
(4) Standard inspection report
(5) Suit the action to the word, assure the customer with the service quality; be on call at any hour, satisfy the customer with the service efficiency; grant whatever is requested, attract praise of the customer with service attitude; professional and normative, win the trust of the customer with value-added service.

4. Warranties

3. Service staff configuration

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