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 National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC ) Defines Five Key Aspects for Investment in Next Year, including Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Next year, the central government will focus its investment on five aspects, including “the three rural issues”, government-subsidized housing, infrastructure such as transportation, energy conservation and emission reduction and social cause.  
Zhang Ping, director of NDRC further elaborated the five directions of investment:
The first one is to remarkably increase the input to “three rural issues”. It is aimed to establish a series of large- and middle-sized irrigation mainstay projects, complete the the tasks on removal and reinforcement of dangerous reservoirs and further promote the construction of key projects such as water-saving reformation, rehabilitation and water source projects.
The second one is to accelerate the government-subsidized housing project in urban and rural areas. The government plans to carry out construction of low-rent housing project on a large scale and it is required that supporting funds and land supply are guaranteed in every individual local area.       
The third one is to resolve transportation bottlenecks and upgrade energy structure. The government aims to enhance the capacity of west-to-east coal delivery and the capacity of delivering coal in Xinjiang to other places. Besides, the government shall carry out construction on capacity increasing and reformation of railways of Daqin line, Shenshuohuang line and Lanxin line to further promote the construction of railway passenger dedicated lines, railway passages at the inlet and outlet pass and railways directly connecting “Sanxi” (Shanxi, Shaanxi and Mengxi (West Mongolia)) and central China.
The fourth one is to increase support for energy conservation, independent innovation and industrial upgrading. The government will firmly support key demonstrating projects on energy conservation and circular economy and quicken construction of facilities and networks on urban wastewater treatment and garbage disposal. In addition, it also aims to enhance the capacities of independent design and mass production on China-made regional aircraft and promote the localization of large nuclear-power and wind-power equipments and high-speed train. What’s more, the government also desires to promote technological progress and reformation in enterprises and establish a series of significant industrialized projects.          
The fifth is to increase input to social causes. It will be devoted to reformation of middle and primary schools and further construction of community-level medical and health service system, family planning service system and comprehensive cultural stations of township etc.

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