About Mammoth
Group introduction

Founded in Minnesota, US in 1935, American Mammoth Group is a member of Nortek Group Co., that has an annual turnover of 20 billion RMB. Relaying on its advanced science and technology and professional quality, it provides various custom-made energy saving air conditioning products according to customers’ requirements for different applications all over the world, and has been always commandeering this leading position in this industry by creating new models.


Mammoth’s centeral air conditioning products cover a wide range of special and general applications, including: water source/water loop/ground source heat pumping, cooling water unit, AHU,VAV, constant temperature and humidity machines, commercial air conditioners and etc. The Group classifies its brands on the basis of different products so as to guarantee the professional degree and the leading position of its exclusive air conditioning categories. In order to adhere to the requirements as well as to lead the development in its professional fields, the Group, on the basis of integrating its platform, has set up the specific development center which is equipped with advanced research, development and lab facilities and manned with research and development experts. It guarantees to provide customized air conditioning products and overall solutions for user having different requirements and residing in different places overall the world in the shortest time period.

 Introduction to the brands under the flag of Mammoth Group


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