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Hefei Grand Theatre is situated in the New Hefei Municipal Administrative and Cultural District and has a total covered area of about 550,000 square meters and the building height of 39.6 meters. Hefei Grand Theatre consists of totally three kernel spaces, that is, the main theatre with 1600 seats;the musical hall with 1000 seats and the minor theatre with 500 seats.
Adopted in Hefei Grand Theatre’s design are: the cold/hot source system combining the dynamic ice storage cold source with the water source heat pumping, matched by the natural lake water cold source utilization system;the solar energy collector plate hot water system;the residual heat recovery system, collecting heat from the stage and audience halls; the chilled water system of great temperature difference;the partial low temperature floor radiation heating system;the seat induced draught, the variable frequency air conditioning system;the effective and natural ventilation system designed by making use of the architectural form and the fully-automatic inductive suns hading facilities. All those eco energy conservation measures and advanced technologies contribute to make Hefei Grand Theatre a public facility of eco energy conservation type, not only reaching, even having surpassed the energy saving requirement by 50% stipulated in “Energy Conservation Design Standards for Public Buildings” . At the same time, it helps “reducing the peak and filling in the valley” in the regional power consumption and creating good social benefits. The project’s host machine adopts 4 sets of Mammoth MWH690AB (R134A in 3 operating mode) and 2 sets of MWH320AB (R134A in 2 operating modes) . The refrigerating capacity of the host machine is about 7874KW and the heating capacity of 8252KW.


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