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The 11th National Games is the first national games held after the Beijing Olympics, and is an important part of the birth of PRC as well as the largest comprehensive games in the nation held by Shandong province for the first time, The provincial competition venue is located in Jinan, Shandong to the north of East Jingshi Road, to the east of Quangang Road, to the south of the Century Road and to the northwest of the Phoenix Mountain, covering an area of 1046.5 acres and a total building area of 263,000 m2.
The air conditioning area of all competition venues, the sports center and the rehabilitation center of the National Games is about 117,060 m2, water circulation system and Meiyi water circulaiton heat pump units are adopted, which extracts heat through the close cooling tower in summer and provides heat source by the boiler room in winter.

The provincial...
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