Human Resources
Talent Concept


Welcome to join in Mammoth China to participate in its future development!



Continue to lead the industry of energy-saving air-conditioning

In order to accomplish the mission, we need to be excellent in the following aspects:
– Advanced technology: to probe constantly and intensively into professional technology.
– Customer service: to provide the customers with products that satisfy their needs and high-quality services.
– Brand advantage: to become the most reputed and trust-worthy enterprise.
– Human resources: to equip us with the most excellent specialized and managerial personnel in the industry and offer them with great space for development and competitive salary.
– Enterprise scale: to develop our business in a fast and steady way to realize scale effect.
– Enterprise image: to establish an outstanding enterprise image with honest, rational and responsible operations.
– Humanistic spirit: to display the humanistic spirit of “pursuit of perfection” to become a spokesman for realization of ideal life.
– Ideal return: to provide ideal return for investors and employees.


Operation Principles

Win-win policy for increased value

Common development for benefit

Harmonious Mammoth Family

Mammoth World

Qualities of employees “A~H”









Maxim for Management
Management personnel at various levels are supposed to abide by the following principle:

Guiding and pioneering

Management and discipline

Protection and caring



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